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CE Broker Frequently Asked Questions

Important Information About CE Registries

You can sign up for a Free Basic Account or a free trial offer of the Professional Account at:


CE Broker precisely spells out each licensee’s requirements and tracks your progress as you complete continuing education hours.

When CE Broker reflects you’ve met your continuing education requirements, you will not receive an audit letter from the Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology (Board). Compliance in CE Broker means you’ve already completed the electronic continuing education audit.

You can rely on CE Broker for your continuing education requirements and calculating progress towards those requirements. Subscribing and viewing your Transcript gives you access to the same data used by the Board .

Use CE Broker’s online continuing education management tools to rest assured all of your hours are fulfilled.

Create a free account, which includes everything needed for you to document your compliance with the continuing education requirements and be eligible for exemption from continuing education audits:

  • Post your CE hours
  • See a list of completed courses

Create a Professional Account ($29/yr.) * and receive the following benefits:

  • Use your CE Compliance Transcript to determine your renewal requirements & track your progress every step of the way!
  • Safeguard your CE Certificates with electronic storage.
  • CE Broker iPhone & Android App – Coming Soon!
  • Receive an email when completed courses are posted.
  • Receive automatic deadline reminder notices.
  • Post your CE Hours
  • Automatically pass the audit when you fulfill all of the requirements on your Transcript.
  • Call, email, or live chat with the CE Broker helpdesk toll free Monday to Friday 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., except holidays

* The Board does not provide any funding to CE Broker or receive any portion of subscription fees for the Professional Account.

You can sign up for a Free Basic Account or a free trial offer of the Professional Account at:

Important Information About CE-Registries

American Academy of Audiology (Academy)
“The Academy will only submit Academy courses to CE Broker upon request of the member. You need to be a current Academy member and to email us your Ohio license number. For Academy approved courses offered by a third party (CE Providers) there is a $5/course fee”

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)
The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) is working in partnership with CE Broker to transfer course credits (ASHA CEUs) to CE Broker on behalf of Ohio licensees who use the ASHA CE Registry. ASHA transmits ASHA CEUs to CE Broker every day.
Ohio licensees who would like ASHA to transmit his or her ASHA CEUs to CE Broker should:

  1. Take courses offered for ASHA CEUs.
  2. Complete the ASHA CEU Participant form at the end of the course.
  3. Pay the ASHA CE Registry fee annually.
  4. Verify that ASHA has your Ohio license by going to the License and Credential Information page and login using your asha username and password,
    • Click on the “License Area” hyperlink,
    • Confirm license number or add your license number, and
    • Click on Save.

Hearing Aid Fitters

Individual licensees must complete ten hours of approved Continuing Education (CE), including one hour in “ethics or Ohio state law” (see A.C. 4747-1-11(C)1), in order to renew their license each year. The hours must be obtained during the year prior to license renewal.

For example: If your license expires January 30, 2017, then to renew for 2017-2018, your CE hours must be earned between January 1, 2016 and January 30, 2017 inclusive. The Board strictly adheres to this requirement — CE earned outside this timeline WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. One clock hour equals one CE hour, and each CE hour may be applied to one renewal year only.

The Board does not keep a record of individual licensees’ ongoing CE hours. Licensees are responsible for confirming CE approval and maintaining verification of attendance. To find approved CE hours, see our Continuing Education FAQ.

Continuing Education Audit

The Board conducts an audit of at least 20% of renewed licensees each February to confirm CE compliance. Additionally, all individuals who postmark their license renewal applications after February 1 are automatically audited, since CE documentation must accompany these renewal applications. More details about the CE audit can be found in the Continuing Education FAQ.

Pursuant to A.C. 4747-1-11(E)(4), failure to meet CE requirements, or to comply with the audit, may result in suspension, revocation, denial of license or renewal of license according to provisions of Chapter 119. of the Revised Code.

CE Tracking

In order to simplify your license renewal process, we have partnered with CE Broker as our official continuing education tracking system.

Through this partnership you have access to a free Basic Account. This account provides you an easy way to track your completed CE online and simplifies the process of maintaining your CE records and completion certificates.

Three key features of your free Basic Account:

1. Free Online CE Tracking CE Broker provides free online CE tracking. This simplifies the process of maintaining your CE records and completion certificates.

2. Simple Self-Reporting CE Broker has made it easy to self-report your hours quickly, either from your computer or your phone, using the CE Broker app.

3. Helpful CE Support CE Broker support is available to answer all of your CE-related questions via phone, email, and live chat with experts based in Jacksonville, Florida.

Go to for more information on creating your account.

Last updated 06/23/2017