File a complaint

The filing of a complaint is for professional practice issues only.

If you are experiencing problems applying for or renewing a license, you should review the help documents on the particular board’s website responsible for issuing that license.

We take complaints very seriously and will review the details provided thoroughly to determine the appropriate level of action to be taken.

Please complete the form to register a complaint with a specified Board. Certain fields are required, but please also provide as much detail as possible when submitting the complaint.

Any person who wishes to make a complaint about violation of the speech-language pathology or audiology licensure law may submit the complaint in writing to the Board within one year from the date of the action or event upon which the complaint is based. The Board will determine whether the allegations in the complaint are of a sufficiently serious nature to warrant formal disciplinary, civil or criminal action against the person.

When submitting a complaint, please include your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address to ensure the Board may follow-up with you.

To file a complaint, visit the Ohio eLicense Portal and select the “File A Complaint” option at:

For additional enforcement information, please contact the Board Investigator.


Connie J. Stansberry
State Speech and Hearing Professionals Board
77 South High Street, Suite 1659, Columbus, Ohio 43215-6108
(614) 466-3145 Voice
(614) 995-2286 Fax

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